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Violin Essentials Course (Basic Edition)

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Violin Essentials Course (Basic Edition)

Blue Heron Studios
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๐Ÿ”น A MUSIC STUDENT who has no time to practice? โœ”

๐Ÿ”น Are you a PRIVATE TEACHER, struggling with student discipline in your lessons? โœ”

๐Ÿ”นEarn as you learn! โœ”

What you can Gain: 

- Are you looking to learn at your own pace?

- Are you looking to improve your sound quality?

- Are you looking to gain better confidence on and off stage?

- Are you looking to traveling and have amazing experiences?

- Are you looking to impact different cultures with your music?

- Are you looking for something you can use both in and out of school to not only boost your Violin journey, but provide enough information to get you started giving back to the community?

- All of this can be achieved with a little determination and using the works included. 

$5,302 IN VALUE.

That's Over 90% Off.

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! โœ”

Who this is for:

- All Violin Skill Levels, Parents, Teachers, and Enthusiasts

What you will be getting:

- The Blue Heron Studio Violin Essentials | Song Book - Scales, Fingers, Arpeggios, Octaves, & More

- The Blue Heron Studio Violin Essentials | Violin Reference Sheet

- FREE: Classical Lesson - School | Louis Spohr's Celebrated Violin School - Postures, Songs, Notation, & More [Historical Manuscript]

10 Classical Lessons w/ Source Files & Multiple Formats

- Classical Lesson 1 | The Importance of Fundamentals

- Classical Lesson 2 | The Master Teacher

- Classical Lesson 3 | How to Rosin the Violin Bow

- Classical Lesson 4 | Dividing the Bow

- Classical Lesson 5 | Position of the Bow Arm

- Classical Lesson 6 | Locating Bad Tone

- Classical Lesson 7 | The Thickness of the Strings

- Classical Lesson 8 | Spacing the Strings

- Classical Lesson 9 | Two Faulty Finger Habits

- Classical Lesson 10 | Scordatura

FREE: ($47 VALUE) 40+ Scale and Arpeggio Picture Guides 

FREE: ($97 VALUE) 50 Violin Images | Stock + Violin Anatomy Images

FREE: ($197 VALUE) Access to BHS Violin Sheet Music Archive

FREE: ($497 VALUE) Access to Live Mentoring & Webinars

FREE: ($97 VALUE) Access to Historical Manuscripts

FREE: ($47 VALUE) Midi and Instructor Play-a-Longs

FREE: ($4,320 VALUE) Private Violin Lessons

FREE: (PRICELESS) Access to Private Violin Essentials Facebook Group

$5,302 IN VALUE.

That's Over 90% Off.

*UPDATES: I will be continuously adding videos and tools to this course as time goes on! โœ”

About the Author:

Hello Friends,

My name is Na'Shawn Jordan. I'm a Formally trained Violinist with over 20+ years of experience. I've had the privilege of teaching some of the finest students around the world. In fact, I've made Nationals twice in my youth having played on both the Disney Epcot Stage in Florida, USA and the Disneyland Main Stage in California, USA. I've played in orchestras and even a band that we great community builders in New Jersey and North Carolina. I hope to give you the best quality of work that is educational and powerfully life-changing.

Blue Heron Studios and I have worked hard to put together a great book and set of works to help any Violinist push their skills to the next level. 

BHS VE 2017.9 Version 1.4

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BHS Violin Essentials | Song Book & Supplement PDFs, Midis, and JPEGs and more in multiple formats

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